300637_10150256703877493_4241562_nHi Everybody,

You might be thinking who is behind Kate’s Kakes welp that’s me…Kaitlynn…Hi! Thought I’d share a little about me so you could get to know me better. I’m an actor turned baker who has been OBSESSED with cakes, pastries and all things baking since I was a little kid…for real! I asked my parents for Dessert Circus at Home by Jacques Torres for my 10th birthday- who does that?! Well, I guess a lot of kids do now but there was no Great British Bake Off back in my day…back in my day who am I?!

Anyway, the point is I love baking and creating deliciously amazing cakes. I would love the opportunity to create something special for you at your next celebration. My lovely cake creations are constructed of 3 fluffy layers of cake and 2 layers of silky smooth swiss meringue buttercream making the cake around 5-7 inches tall- Plenty of cake for everyone!

I hope you’ll think of Kate’s Kakes for your sweet treat needs!